For personal reasons, I am not taking on new speaking engagements at this time. If you would like to contact me for other reasons, I can be reached at Thank you for understanding and respecting my boundaries.

Alexa smiling and taking a selfie in front of a large stage while holding up a badge indicating that she was a speaker at the 2023 Government Social Media Conference.

Request Me to Speak

Interested in having me present to your group on accessible best practices for social media? Awesome! I've spoken to a number of different groups including in-house digital teams, college classes, PR chapters, agency teams, and professional clubs.

Feel free to read the below info and please fill out my speaker request form when you're ready to start chatting. We'll get something on the calendar! You can also check out my upcoming speaking engagements.

Please note: if I agree to present to your group/team, that does not mean that I have agreed to receive your organization's promotional emails. Please do not add me to your mailing list or share my email address with other vendors. Thank you!

Speaker Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your presentation normally include?

During my standard presentation, I go over:

  • General Info on Disability and Accessibility
  • The Impact of Accessibility
  • How to Be Accessible With Copy and Formatting
  • How to Be Accessible With Images and Visuals
  • How to Be Accessible With Audio and Video

If there's something, in particular, you'd like me to discuss in my presentation, please let me know ahead of time. I'm always happy to make adjustments based on the needs of your team and how you use social media.

Can you incorporate other accessibility topics in your presentation like how to create accessible PDFs, webpages, and emails?

No. My area of expertise is creating accessible social media content, and I try to stick to that topic as much as possible when speaking. I want to be able to speak intelligently about something if I'm presenting it to other people who are relying on me for expert advice. However, a lot of the information I share is also applicable to other areas of marketing such as website management, email marketing, graphic design, and PDF creation.

How far in advance should someone request you as a speaker?

Making your request at least 4–6 weeks before the desired presentation date is preferred. If I'm expected to travel more than 2 hours from St. Petersburg (where I live), then 2 months of lead time is appreciated. I work full-time for a college and try to be respectful of my colleagues when requesting time off or scheduling lunchtime speaking sessions.

If someone can't bring you in as a speaker, is there another way to learn about accessible best practices for social media?

Absolutely! Check out the Accessible Social video lesson. It offers a convenient way to receive a comprehensive overview on accessible best practices for social media content. You can also visit the Accessible Social website. It's a free resource hub I created for digital marketers, communication professionals, content creators, and everyday social media users who want to begin learning how to make their content inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities.

Are there any time frames that are off-limits for your presentations?

I will not be giving presentations or accepting guest speaker requests in November or December in 2023 due to my brother's upcoming wedding and the holidays. Thank you for respecting my boundaries!

What level of experience should someone have before watching one of your presentations?

My presentation is suitable for any level of experience, from veteran marketers to everyday social media users. I've found that a lot of marketing professionals, both new and experienced, aren't very familiar with the idea of accessibility specifically for social media. Additionally, all the information I share is very basic and easy to implement regardless of how you use social media in your day-to-day life. All are welcome and encouraged to attend my presentations.

How long is your presentation?

My standard presentation is a PowerPoint slideshow and is usually about 35–40 minutes long. I do have a few variations of it, so if you need something shorter or longer, just ask. Most people book me for a full hour, leaving ample time for any questions or comments attendees may have after I'm done speaking. Keep in mind that the shorter my presentation has to be, the less in-depth the information will be.

Would you be willing to use our slide template for your presentation?

I would prefer not to because it requires me to basically redo my entire presentation file. My deck is branded and formatted for me and my advocacy work.

Are there any hands-on exercises in your presentation?

Typically, no, but I can include some if you want the presentation to feel more like a training session. Let me know what you have in mind, and we can discuss the feasibility and logistics of including it in the presentation.

Do you take questions during your presentation?

I prefer that everyone hold their questions and comments until the end of the presentation only because sometimes an attendee will think of a question that will end up being answered in a later slide. Of course, if there's a chat function for the session, feel free to drop your questions in there, and I'll answer any that weren't covered during the presentation.

Are you open to collaborating or co-presenting with other people?

Sure! However, if you plan on having me co-present with someone, I prefer to know that as soon as you request me as a speaker. It's rather jarring to be asked to give a presentation and then only find out after agreeing to speak that you're expected to co-present with someone you've possibly never met before.

What kind of tech requirements do you have when you give online/remote presentations?

I'll need to be able to share my screen. I prefer to control my own slides, as I do have videos and animations that need to be manually triggered at specific points during the presentation. Zoom is my preferred platform, but most video conference services should work as long as I can share my screen and computer audio.

Can your presentation be recorded?

Absolutely! Feel free to record the presentation and share it with anyone who attended or planned on attending the session.

Do you have a speaking fee?

I do, but we can discuss fair compensation privately.

Are you willing to travel for a presentation?

Yes, but only if my expenses for travel and accommodations are covered.

What time zone are you in?

I live in Florida, so my time zone is Eastern Time/GMT-5.

What are your pronouns?

My pronouns are she/her.

Do you prefer to go by Alexa or Alex?

I prefer Alex, but sign most things as Alexa for professional purposes and so people don't default to assuming I'm a man.

Do you have a bio and headshot that can be used to promote your presentation?

Yes! You can find my bio—a short and long version—below as well as a few headshots to choose from. Feel free to use whatever works best for your promotional needs.

My Bio

Short Bio

Alexa Heinrich is an award-winning social media manager in Central Florida, the creator of the popular websites Accessible Social and Social Media Tea, and the author of Accessible Social: a beginner's guide to creating inclusive social media content. She is a passionate advocate for creating accessible and inclusive content for digital communications as well as educating others about the realities of working in social media.

Long Bio

Alexa Heinrich is an award-winning social media manager in Central Florida, the creator of the popular websites Accessible Social and Social Media Tea, and the author of Accessible Social: a beginner's guide to creating inclusive social media content. She is a passionate advocate for creating accessible and inclusive content for social media and has given presentations on the subject to digital professionals at numerous brands, organizations, and events around the world including Harvard University, the National ADA Symposium, the World Health Organization, and the U.S. Congressional Progressive Caucus.

My Headshots

Feel free to download whichever headshot best suits your promotional purposes and crop as needed! Click the desired thumbnail for a high-res version.

Headshot of Alexa wearing a black blouse and deep red lipstick.Headshot of Alexa wearing a gray blouse and dark framed glasses. She looks off into the distance. Headshot of Alexa wearing a deep green blouse and octopus pendant necklace. Headshot of Alexa wearing a dress with a deep blue bodice and skirt patterned with tropical leaves. Headshot of Alexa wearing a white blouse patterned with rainbows and a leafy patterned wrap.Headshot of Alexa wearing a floral blouse and tan cardigan.