alexa heinrich

social media expert

I went back and forth on what to call this section of my website. Am I a social media manager? A social media strategist? A community manager? Maybe I should just call myself a content creator.

The fact of the matter is I am all of those things plus more, as many people who work in social media tend to be.

I've managed social media for massive college systems, during tense weather emergencies, and through a global pandemic. I've overseen campaigns that have raised thousands upon thousands of dollars for student scholarships. I've gone go-karting, toured the Kennedy Space Center, donned two different mascot suits, sailed 10 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico, and even run a 5K with a GoPro strapped to my head all in the name of content creation.

I've even managed to win a couple of awards for my work in social media.

Logo for the Sprout Social Always On Award

Sprout Social Always On Award

In September 2020, I was the recipient of the Sprout Social "Always On" Award. This recognition is given to a single social media professional who embodies the spirit of being "always on," pros who are constantly taking in the world around them, empathizing with their community, and truly championing the power of social media.

Logo for the H.E.S.M. Marketer of the Year award.

HESM Marketer of the Year 2021

Per #HigherEdSocial: "Alexa has since become one of the foremost authorities on accessible social media, and a powerful advocate for those with disabilities who need assistive devices or rely on alt text to access information. She not only makes a difference on her campus, but in the higher education and marketing industry as a whole."

Alexa appearing to have two extra arms so she can hold an iPad, a phone, a digital camera, and a mobile gimbal rig. She's wearing headphones and various social media logos float around her.